eCommerce Websites


Whether you're new to eCommerce or have been selling online for years, we can create a website that will help you meet all your goals. Our highly customized web design, coupled with the powerful Bigcommerce platform, results in online stores that shoppers love. You'll appreciate the easy-to-use store management tools, not to mention waking up to new sales.


Our packages cover all the details of your website project from initial planning to going live. You won't be stuck finishing up details yourself, and you'll know exactly what your website will cost from day 1.

Our packages also include training and support for learning your new system with access to a robust knowledge base to help you operate, promote and expand your online business for years to come.


This hot yoga wear company burst open a whole new market when it introduced the side-string shorts in the late nineties, but since then has been copied by several other manufacturers and had lost much of it's market share. By rebuilding their web presence from the ground up, we have helped them go back to the top of their industry. This project incorporates monthly product photography and location photography in dramatic locations, as well as a custom developed wholesale ordering system.

"Peter's team is outstanding to work with. In addition to being extremely talented with design, they have great communication skills, are very detail-oriented, and deliver on schedule. They are very professional, balanced, and pleasant to work with. And they "get it" when it comes to the business side of the site. I've recommended Peter James Web Design Studio to a number of people, and plan to use them on all of my future web sites."
- Eric Posnack, Entrepreneur

In the competitive world of online health food websites, Sunburst Superfoods needed to have a site that was utterly easy to use, that was peppered with rich and colorful photos, and that was stocked with a huge range of products. We customized every page of this site to give it a unique flavor that can't be found anywhere else. Our eCommerce product photography shows these raw powders looking their best!

We started from Marlene's concept of making the website have a hand made look by creating colored pencil drawings to implement on the website and product packaging. After the labels were ready, we produced the product photography and also took photographs of their kitchen and staff for the website. Since launching their new website, they have been picked up by two major distributors in the US and Canada.