The quality and success of your new website comes down to the skill, talent and experience of your web team. Building websites since 2003, Peter James knows just what to do to help your new website project go smoothly and have brilliant results. His team of design, programming and imaging specialist offer everything you need to launch a new website you will love for years to come.


With over a decade of experience planning and developing websites, Peter James has created a marvelous organization system that will guide you through the process of getting exactly the website you want and need. In addition to the personal one-on-one meetings and guidance, you will also be given a cloud-based online To-Do Checklist that will keep you on track and help you provide us with all the information we need to complete your project.

Bellngham Web Design Designer


In your first meeting with Peter James, you will plan the overall strategy of your site. You'll think about the needs of your target audience, and plan the best ways to meet their needs as quickly as possible. You'll discuss how to best organize your pages and your content, as well as planning any special functions you want for the site. Together with Peter, you will plan everything about the site, except how it looks.

From our experience, if you plan the look and feel before the overall site strategy, most people end up making decisions based only on what they like, and not what their target audience will want to see. It's far more effective to first plan the structure of the site, and then give our designer that structure to design from.

Website Designer


After the strategic planning is out of the way, now it's time for the fun part: the design! When users come to your site they will immediately notice how professional and attractive your site is, which builds their confidence and makes them more likely to contact you. Our designer Louisa Firethorne has a brilliant way of thinking about web design. She looks at it through the lens of a savvy web and social media user herself, as well as the lens of serious business owners with big goals. She knows just how important it is that your website gives you an edge and will create layout and graphics that will set you apart from the rest.



If you want to take your site's design up a notch, consider adding some custom photography. Great photos can make your website radically more appealing and effective. That's why we have our own in-house photography studio, as well as portable studio lighting that allows us to produce excellent images on any location. Photographer Tad Beavers has the years of professional experience and the light-hearted personality needed to work with any subject and get consistently great photos.

Imagine your website filled with professional photos of your products, your staff, your office, your service, your clients and even yourself. Once you've had custom photography done, you won't ever want to use cell phone photos on your website again!

Web developer and programmer


Once your design is compete and approved, it's time for programming to begin. Although you may never see it, the quality of your code has a big impact on your site. The clean, standards compliant code written by our expert web programmer Pat Hertzog, will signal Google and other search engines to rank your site higher in searches. He has been programming websites since 1999, so he knows just what to do to make your site function perfectly, even in different web browsers, as well as on mobile devices and tablets.

While your site is being programmed, you can be finishing writing your site content so that we can add it to your site as soon as the programming is complete.


We want to make sure that your site is perfect and that you know exactly how to update and maintain it over the years to come.