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All website packages include 2 planning sessions. One for strategic planning and one for design planning. We do this because it's important to think beyond just what the site will look like, and consider all of the following:

  • What are your site visitors looking for?
  • How can we make it as easy as possible to help them find that information?
  • How should your website's page be organized in the menu?
  • Plan design concepts to capture and present the identity accurately

At the beginning of your project, we will also give you a cloud-based To-Do list that will keep you organized throughout the project, and allow you to easily upload your photos and web content to a central location we can all access


Our web designer has the talent and the vision to visually communicate the message you want to send. Powerful web design can help you quickly and completely express your values, what makes you different, and why customers should choose you.

Each of our website designs are 100% tailored to your unique business goals. When building websites on WordPress or Bigcommerce, we use the platform as the base, but create completely custom, non-template designs. The result: your site visitors get to know you, and grow to like you quickly.


Our custom web development means that each website is programmed to meet the specific needs of the project. This is not a web template; your site is developed just for you. Our web programmer Patrik Hertzog has over 16 years of experience programming our creative web designs with complex functionality. His skill with multiple programming languages, including the ability to completely customize WordPress and eCommerce code, allows him to encode virtually anything.


Web content refers to everything but the design layout, including the text, photos, videos, downloads, etc. Content is important for two major reasons: first, your content contains the information and messages you want your visitors to learn; second, content is how search engines index and rank your website.

All of our web design packages include a certain amount of time for placing and arranging your content. Our professional content editor is available to proofread text content, and our photographers are available to create one of a kind photo content.


We empower our clients by teaching them how to manage their own websites. You won't want to come to us for every small change you need to make on your website. Peter James will personally train you to use the Bigcommerce or WordPress administration tools, and give you the knowledge of how to keep your website current and fresh.

If you'd rather not update your content yourself, you can always submit your changes directly to us, and we will take care of the updates for you at our hourly rate.


We are here to help you and your website be successful. All of our web design packages include 2 months of free support, and we are happy to help any of our clients with technical issues they may have for years to come. Support can be accessed by email or by calling us directly at (360) 733-9377.