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It takes a true artist to translate the essence of a business into a web design. Peter James and his team craft one-of-a-kind web designs that are smart, easy to use and content-rich. Your website will help you meet your business goals with a compelling design that meets your users' needs and inspires action.


The majority of the websites we build utilize the WordPress platform, but that doesn't mean they look anything like a WordPress template. Your site will be 100% custom designed for your business, and will also have the simple and powerful WordPress editor so you can update text and photos, make blog posts, and more.


When your website meets the needs of your audience effectively, it helps you grow your business quicker. Peter James and his team balance all the dynamic factors of web design to maximize your business's online success.


Unlike a lot of other cleaning companies, Clean Care Professionals is very loyal to its staff and has an extremely high retention rate. We went on location with their staff to capture dozens of wonderful photos of these dedicated workers. We even did formal in-studio portraits of them as well, to illustrate the quality and dependability that can be expected when working with CCP. This website feels like a personal introduction and leaves visitors feeling inspired to request a bid.


With a heavy focus on patient education, CE Family Dental needed a website that was very clean and organized, and that they could easily update. However, they didn't want to overwhelm mobile users with too much information. We built a full scale website and a mobile phone website that can both be edited from the same WordPress control panel. Users can find just the information they need and the dentists can manage both sites with ease.


Doreen came to us as her new coaching career was just unfolding. She needed a website right away, but knew that it would need to change over time. WordPress is prefect for her as it allows her to make updates, add web pages, upload PDFs and embed YouTube videos. With all the fun photos we took of her on beautiful locations, you can really get a good feeling for who she is, just by visiting her site.


Every good contractor needs a professional portfolio of their previous work, in order to gain the new work they'd like to bring in. Dan Johnson is amongst the best, and we illustrated that with a craftsman style web design and gorgeous architectural photography of his projects. The web slideshow is easy to update and people can easily contact him through the website.


Home automation can make a normal home into a Smart Home. Therefore, HCS needed a website that would reflect their high-tech industry and impress their high-end clientele. We used the home page slider to illustrate the major areas of home automation that can now be done remotely from an iPad. Informational pages explain all the details and the Projects Gallery showcases several of their most impressive projects.


After a false start with a different web design company, we were in a major time crunch for completing this WordPress website. We were able to complete the project before the estimated deadline and had lots of fun creating the design and taking photos of their law offices and their staff. Getting to know their offices and their team helped us create a website that was truly representative of who they are as a company.

This supplement manufacture wanted a WordPress website that could communicate all their great selling points to distributors as well as retail stores. To showcase their complex line of products ranging from vitamins to natural skin care products, we designed the website where every main page has it's own set of tabbed panels for quick product browsing. We also designed an icon based footer navigation to give direct access to their benefits statements.

"Peter James and his team changed our website from being very difficult to navigate, into a user-friendly resource for our community. We appreciate the professionalism of the Peter James Web Design Studio crew, and their eagerness to respond quickly to our website needs. Also, having a content writer and editor on staff really enhanced the appeal of our website."
- Lindsay Schirmer, Orcas Island Fire & Rescue

Orcas Island Fire and Rescue provides critical services to this island community and it needed to be able to communicate a large amount of information in a very organized way. This WordPress website features Google calendar integrations, password protected areas, downloads for meeting minutes and several web forms that allow people to apply for various classes and events. It is a vital resource for both the community and all the staff and volunteers who run the station.


Life and career coaching set in a wilderness environment is an exciting new concept that Tiffany Dedeaux has brought to Bellingham. It's very essence demands that the website the represents it capture and contain the powerful spirit of the wilderness we are surrounded by. On this site we used many of Peter James' landscape photographs as the canvas that the content is placed on. We also developed the Sacred Time logo as well as matching business cards and letterhead.