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To get the most effective website, you need an expert who specializes in each of the aspects of web development, and a team leader who will see the whole project through to completion. Peter James manages all web projects, using his strengths in website planning and organizational systems, while working with Louisa, Kalie and Patrik for their expertise in website design, custom photography, and website programming.

Pete James Web Developer


In your strategic planning session with Peter James, you will:

  • identify what your customers need from your website

  • discuss the best ways to meet their needs quickly

  • map out the structure of the site

  • plan for any special functions

  • be given a complete list of to-dos for the project

Most web designers start by asking you what you want for your site, and the emphasis goes into making the site look the way you want it to.

We prefer to start by discussing who your customers are and what they care about, and then planning the site to meet their needs. By planning how the site will be organized first, we can meet their needs and have even more freedom to create a design that both you and your customers will love.

Peter is also a world class photographer, offering

all types of photos to enhance your website, including: 

  • In-studio and on-location photo shoots

  • Product photography

  • Photos of your business activity and location

  • Staff portraits


Website visitors immediately judge your company or organization based on how professional your website feels to them, and how well they can find what they are looking for. The details of the website design touch them on the subconscious level, and it needs to instill confidence for them to want to engage with you.

Our accomplished web designer Louisa Firethorne has a brilliant way of showcasing businesses in their best light and inspiring site visitors to trust them. She looks at web design through the lens of a savvy web and social media user herself, as well as from the perspective of serious business owners with big goals.

With her extensive experience in UX Design, [user friendly] and her use of clean, modern web design style, she knows the trends that drive the industry and also how important it is that your website gives you a competitive and creative edge.

Louisa Firethorne Web Designer
Pat Hertzog Web Programer


Websites are actually a form of computer software, and everything about the site, from the graphics to the interactive functions, require coding to display and function properly in web browsers. There are thousands of lines of code written to make most of our sites work, and we use a variety of programming languages, including Javascript, JQuery, HTML, and PHP.

Although you may never see it, the quality of your website’s code has a big impact on its success. Poor code will take you down in search rankings. The clean, standards compliant code our senior web programmer Pat Hertzog writes, will signal Google and other search engines to rank your site higher in searches.

Pat has been programming custom websites since 1999, so you can count on him to do an excellent job on virtually any type of web programming you can imagine.


All website packages include a professional training by Peter James that covers:

  • Making changes to your website content and photos

  • Optimizing your website for SEO

  • Fulfilling orders (for eCommerce sites)

  • Using any special features of your website

You will receive a video recording of the training for future reference and sharing with your team.

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