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Reviews of Web Designers in Bellingham, WA
Web Design Reviews Bellingham Whatcom and Skagit County

We love our new website. Peter and Louisa did a phenomenal job. They were easy to work with and the website was done in a timely manner. The training on how to use the website was extremely helpful and easy to understand. I highly recommend Peter James Studio.


We were very pleased with the quality of work we received from Peter. He listened to our needs and gave us great feedback. His work was timely and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely do business with him again in the future.


They did a great job! Really impressed with the quality and look of the website. I would absolutely work with Peter's team again.


I had a great experience working with Peter and his team. They are friendly, skilled and professional.


Your one stop shop for all things Web and Media. Peter and his team are very professional and work with you to get a site that is maintainable by even the least computer literate. They know it all and what they don't they are eager to learn and implement. Thanks Peter and Co. for all your help with our site!


Peter James has done two websites for me and photography for me. He is impeccable with his design ideas and execution. His staff has also designed logos for my nonprofit and for my Videography business that we love. He is easy to work with, thoughtful and responsive. I highly recommend Peter James Web Design Studio for your photo, website or logo needs. Thank you Peter


Working with Peter and Louisa was wonderful! They are outstanding professionals who know their stuff. Plus they are kind, generous with their expertise, and always on or before time. Peter James Web Design Studio made our lives at the Parent Coaching Institute that much easier and fulfilling. Thank you so much!

Peter and his team are very easy to work with. They set up an easy to follow format to complete the steps needed to build your website quickly and efficiently.

Peter James and his team did an excellent job building our new website for Haskell Corporation. Their creativity and service were beyond what we had hoped for. Our website is incredibly important to us, and we are very glad we chose to work with Peter James!

I’ve owned internet companies since 2003 and Peter James Studio was by far the best company I have done business with. Not only did our website turn out better than I envisioned but working with Peter and his team was excellent. Too many times over the years I’ve worked with companies that over promise and under deliver. That was the opposite with Peter James Web Design. They not only built me a website that looks and functions like a fortune 500 company but they took the time to help get my content, graphics, store front in place and help me understand how to maximize my websites potential. They went above and beyond my expectations and I would recommend this company to anyone that needs a custom built website. It has been a pleasure to work with Peter and his staff, it was nice to finally work with a company that delivered. 

We had two websites that were dated brochures that needed to be updated to modern ecommerce sites. After reviewing our options, we chose Peter James Studios to work with us on the project. We found their process to be very organized and efficient, from the creative end through to programming and loading the site. Both sites were created and launched within a matter of months. We are very happy with our working relationship with Peter James Studios, and recommend them for web design and implementation.

This company has gone beyond what was originally promised.  Once they figured out the style your looking for then its home run from there.  They are quick to response and very patience throughout the whole process.  Peter even took some of my sample product and took picture on his mountain climb.  This speaks a lot about how the company will go beyond their duty to take care of their customer. If the owner goes beyond, then think of the type of exception he has for his team.
Also after almost a year later, I had some issue with my website footer.  Peter replied back the next day and took care of.  Am talking about almost a year later.  If you want a company that will stand behind their work,  then this is a company to go with.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants a professional design website.

Peter James created a website for my business, Paloma Pottery, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  My online sales have increased 34% since the launch of the new site.  My search engine rankings improved immediately and continue to improve allowing me to capture new customers and online visibility.
Peter is extremely easy to work with, he has fabulous communication style and wonderful marketing sense which leaves you confident your business needs will be met. His enthusiasm combined with his marketing finesse are not only inspiring, but allowed me to find and meet business needs that I didn’t even consider.
Every day I update my web-site and my work load is lighter and more efficient than ever before.  Thank you Peter James Creative Studio for all your amazing work and continued support!!

I just wanted to thank Peter James Web Design for the excellent job they have done designing our website. We’re very pleased with the final product. We had previously worked with a large national website design company, but our results were not satisfactory, so we selected Peter James Design to do a complete website redesign. We hit the jackpot. They made it a pleasure to work with them, from the initial conversation of the concept of our website, through content development, and page layout, to the final roll out of the site. We appreciated their professionalism and their ability to get things done in a timely fashion. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and plan on continuing to use their services to monitor and tweak our website to make it indeed a valuable asset for our business.

We just launched our new website with Peter James Web Design and are really happy and impressed by the functionality and overall look of it. Great photos and easy navigation really show off the fun and scenic adventures that await when people come aboard for one of our tours, and help people easily make online reservations. Peter and the whole team have been great to work with – highly recommended!

Peter designed my law firm’s website and he is the official photographer for my law firm.  We wanted a page which represented every aspect of the people who work in the firm as well as one which projected our commitment to legal excellence.  Peter came to my office and saw each of us in action.  He got to know our office staff and then went to work producing the site.  I have never heard of any web designer making such a hands-on effort to design a site, and I appreciated that he was willing to get to know us inside and out before defining us in the web setting.  He also composed top quality photos of my office interiors and of our staff and assisted us in organizing and writing the webpage content.  So once his work was done, we could not be more happy with the final product.  His work is proof that artistic vision, lots of experience, and a keen passion really do amount to something special.  Oh and by the way, Peter came in right on budget and right one time! Of course, anyone can throw together a webpage, but what Peter did for us was over the top special. Kudos to Peter and his office, and I give him our highest recommendation.

Peter is a great artist an very professional. It was a pleasure working with him. Our products are difficult to photograph and present in an interesting way, but Peter did a fantastic job.

We recently hired Peter James Studios to do a complete update and redesign of our website. Peter sat down with us, and really helped us to clarify our message, branding, and uniqueness. He helped us to see things that we didn’t see about our current website, and how it was missing the mark in really representing us well to our potential clients. During this strategy session, Peter really listened and took the time to understand our business. From there his team designed and built a brand new site, that just “feels” right the moment you click on it. Now our audience can find the information they are looking for easily. Peter and his amazing team continue to provide us with the ongoing support we need promptly, professionally, and with the kind, friendly service we expect. It is a pleasure working with them, and I would highly recommend them to any business needing top-notch professional design and support for their online presence.

From conception to final launch of our site – Peter James and his talented company has produced a well thought out and visually flowing website. Peter James really makes you feel that you are partnered in the creation of the site with a virtual stake in it’s creation. Peter also taps into ideas and thoughts that I the customer had not thought about before and almost give you an “aha” moment. Louisa the designer is very skilled into taking verbal cues and description and translating it on the computer screen. I especially appreciate her patience as criteria and direction changes during the project development. Overall a very positive experience with Peter James Studio.


We approached Peter about redoing our website ( and after the initial meeting where he laid out the process, discussed our goals and went through some basic design ideas I knew we found the perfect team to work with.  We worked closely with Peter, Louisa and Thad who all were very conscious of understanding our business and what we wanted to communicate and helping us realize our vision.  The checklist process we both their team and our team used to communicate and keep track of process was very effective and efficient!  I honestly couldn't be happier with the process, the result and the care from the entire team.  I couldn't recommend this crew more highly.


Peter, Louisa and Patrik all did an amazing job on the Schooner Zodiac's new website! Peter helped me through the process and was able to lay it out in a way that was accessible despite my lack of technical knowledge. Louisa designed a beautiful site and Patrik programmed everything to function exactly how we needed it. They have been extremely helpful with support since we have gone live as well. We would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their online presence and would work with them in the future as well!

These guys are great! I started off with another company and was extremely dissatisfied – my wife had been using Peter James and was much more pleased with her website than I. So I had them redo my website for me and it turned out great. Highly recommended.

Peter, Louisa and his team are highly qualified, creative and easy to work with. They help make the site-building process straight-forward, stress-free, and fun. Quick turnaround, very responsive and make an awesome product. Highly recommended!

We approached Peter about redoing our website and after the initial meeting where he laid out the process, discussed our goals and went through some basic design ideas I knew we found the perfect team to work with. We worked closely with Peter, Louisa and Tad who all were very conscious of understanding our business and what we wanted to communicate and helping us realize our vision. The checklist process both their team and our team used to communicate and keep track of process was very effective and efficient! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the process, the result and the care from the entire team. I couldn’t recommend this crew more highly.

Peter James and his talented team delivered everything I asked for within the time frame they promised and on budget! Everyone at Peter James Studios brings a depth of business and tech experience, enriched with the flair of true artistry, that leverages the effectiveness of your website. They are highly professional and guided me through the process of developing my first website with kindness and understanding. Not only can they be counted on to deliver what you ask for, they also deliver that certain something extra, the sparkle of gorgeous design that comes from the heart of all artists! All my new clients mention that when I speak to them for the first time. You will be delighted with your decision to partner up with Peter James Studios.

Wow! I am super happy with my website and how it is now bringing me new business every week. If you want a web design that makes you money contact Peter. 

I ask everyone who visits my practice how they ended up finding me. Since Peter redesigned my site, I receive the overwhelming response that they found me from the web and that they selected my clinic because my website was so much nicer than the other professionals in my area! Was it cheap? Absolutely not! Was it worth it? Without hesitation – YES! I have made my money back ten fold from the business I receive from Peter’s quality work. Peter is professional, prompt, and goes above and beyond to make his clients satisfied. He has an incredible eye for design and I couldn’t recommend him more.

Awesome. Seamless follow thru. Responsive as it gets. I highly recommend.

EMS Offroad

Peter James and his team gave EMS Offroad the fresh new look and excellent integrations that we needed to help grow our online shopping. From layout and design, to implementation. When we needed something changed, it was done in the matter of a few hours. They also worked very well with us when one of integrations required a complete rework of the entire site.

It is nice to work with a company that is large enough to have all the resources needed, yet small enough that everyone there we were able to make a phone call and talk to the same people every time.

Ron’s Machining Service

I have only great things to say about Peter James Studios !! They have worked on a number of projects for us ranging from technical solutions to design work. The staff is very friendly and professional. I feel they have taken us to the next level. I would recommend Peter James Studios to any business looking for the very best in website and design solutions!

Connor Cochran - Conlan Press

I can’t possibly speak highly enough of Peter James and his team. I interviewed a dozen different web developers before settling on them, and I know I made the right choice. Peter cut through all the usual confusion and presented me with simple, easy to understand options and choices that have made all the difference in bringing my business to a whole new level. As we expand I look forward to continuing this productive collaboration.

Kougarok – Nome, AK

We are very happy with our decision to use Peter James Studios to design and build our ecommerce website. We came to them with a concept and their team was able to deliver a great product at a great price. We had interesting challenges as we are not located in the same state and all dialog, meetings, and follow ups were down over phone and internet. I have never personally met any of their staff , but feel as though I have.Their staff was knowledgeable, patient and kind. They have also provided great service answering questions and providing support beyond what was to be expected, even after site was completed. I would recommend Peter James Studios to anyone looking into having a web site created!

Piper Music

Peter James Web Design Studio did a beautiful job on our website and they were professional and pleasant to work with. He was very available for answering questions throughout the process and taught us to run the site upon its completion.

Peter and his team were committed to our project from day one. I appreciate that they continued to listen to our feedback and work until all items were incorporated into our site. Doing so shows a heightened level of customer awareness and service. I would highly recommend Peter and his team for your next web design project.

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