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Easy Website Planning with 'To-Do Checklist'

Custom website development can be complex, and it’s important that your website project stay organized. Great organization saves you time, makes the project go faster, and improves the final outcome. That’s why we have created an efficient online system for tracking all the details of your website project, and for helping you know what we need from you during the process.

In our first meeting after your project has begun, we will send you an invitation to join an online To-Do checklist for your project. It serves three main purposes:

• It contains contact information for everyone involved in the project, hyperlinks to access your website’s administration area, and the username and password for your login.

• It lists all of the tasks we will need you to perform for us to complete you project, with check boxes to indicate which items have been completed.

• It allows you to upload files we will need, just like the way Dropbox works. You can share any size files, text, PDFs and any other files you want to send us.

This keeps all your files and information in one place, and allows us to check in on your progress without having to interrupt your day.

The checklist both helps to minimize the time you will need to put into the project, and it also helps us ensure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed when we go live with your new website.

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