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WordPress Websites

WordPress is an open-source content management system, which acts as the structural base of many of our websites. Its incredible popularity is largely due to how easy it makes it to update website content, media and blog posts. If you can use a simple word processing program like Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress.

While installing WordPress and choosing a theme template is simple enough that most computer savvy users could do it, customizing the theme to make it look unique and serve the purposes of your business or organization is something that requires advanced web programming skills to execute. Many business owner will attempt to do their own site customization to save money, only to spend hours upon hours struggling with making basic changes, while neglecting to do strategic planning at all. This costs them their time, and unknown amounts of lost revenue due to having a website that is ineffective at communicating their message and showing their professionalism.

Custom WordPress Themes

By hiring Peter James Web Design Studio to develop a professional WordPress website, you will gain all the benefits of the WordPress platform, and you will have a website that is planned and designed specifically to impress your target audience. You will get the best website possible, while saving your time and maximizing the response your website gets you.

Our WordPress websites can look and function however you need them to. The options that are available for design styles and user interactivity are limitless. Your custom WordPress theme is a blank canvas that we will work together with you to make into your masterpiece.

Probably the best thing about WordPress is that it empowers our clients to update their websites themselves, by making their changes through the easy to use administration area. This is important to keep your information current, and it is essential for getting the best search engine ranking. Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo index all the content on every website across the internet on a regular basis. Websites that are not updated gradually drop in search rankings because the content is considered to be less relevant. By updating your site’s content regularly, you will increase your visibility to people who are searching for what you do or sell.

Simple Content Management and SEO

WordPress also makes it easy to write and edit your page metadata, such as page titles and descriptions, as well as image alt tags. These are all very important for getting good search rankings, and can actually make or break your site’s success. The reality is, no matter how great your web design is, how you manage and update the content on your site, will determine its ultimate effectiveness.


Managing photos is also very easy with WordPress. Upload as many images as you like to the “Media Manager”, and then place them throughout your site quickly and easily. You can also upload PDF files that your web visitors can download, which is very useful for certain industries like medical and dental offices which can share client intake forms in advance of their new patient visits. Video and Flash files are also supported, although the current best practices encourage hosting video content on YouTube and embedding them into your site, which is also a breeze with WordPress.

Media Manager


A blog, or web log, is a great way to let your website visitors get to know you. It is also a fantastic way to continually add new content to your website, which will help you get the best search engine ranking as possible. Whether you post daily, weekly or monthly, you will find the built in blogging function simple and fun.

Mature and Stable Website Platform

Over 74 Million websites use WordPress. This means that there is an incredible amount of development, documentation, and community that are dedicated to helping this platform and its users improve and thrive. Since it’s inception in 2003, WordPress has progressed dramatically, and it will continue to get better and better in the years to come.


You want your website to look great and be easy to use on all devices. By building your website to be mobile responsive, all of your graphics and content can look great and be readable on any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Editing your content in the WordPress admin will update the content displayed on all of these devices at the same time.

Mobile WordPress Websites

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